My school maths teacher and university logic professor always said: SHOW YOUR WORKINGS. This is fine for equations and proofs, yes. But it’s not something I’m accustomed to doing as a songwriter and musician. In fact, my chosen art, until now, has been in keeping all my workings to myself. I mean, who wants a pile of flour and butter and eggs when you can have cake?

Ah. This is something new then. It is the gathering in of ingredients and ideas. It is the sifting, the mixing, the folding, the testing, the tasting. It’s (possibly – who knows?) the messing up and trying again. It is the scales and spoons, the whisks and bowls.

It’s the whole evolution of a recipe.

For me, it’s very exciting and more than a bit nerve-wracking.

In August 2016, I will pop the final recipe in the oven and invite you to come and try it out.

This site documents the making of WIND RESISTANCE, a new co-production between The Lyceum Theatre and Hegri Music in association with The Edinburgh International Festival 2016. Phew.

Venue: The Rehearsal Studio at The Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh

Dates: 17 performances between August 4th and 21st 2016

Written, Composed & Performed by Karine Polwart

Dramaturgy by David Greig

Directed by Wils Wilson

Sound Design by Pippa Murphy

Visual Design by Camilla Clark