The starting blocks

Fala Karine Pippa walk 06-05-2016

Pippa Murphy & Karine Polwart on Fala Moor 5/5/2016

I’m a singer. A musician. A writer. I write songs. And essays. And ranty facebook posts. I notice the world. I tell stories. I listen. I walk. I stand still and ask questions. I wonder. I think about time and all the people who have gone before me. I rejoice in the other creatures that inhabit my south east Scotland part of the universe, especially the feathered creatures of the air. I think: Why? How come? What if? Now, it seems, I am writing something for a theatrical setting, which is both a dream I’ve had for a couple of years and a quite unexpected turn of events. The world has turned, rather quickly, into a place where something I had only half-imagined into some possible future is actually going to happen. I’m just catching up. This online space maps the process of me writing and thinking and making to catch up. I’m writing here primarily for myself, as a discipline, as a witness, as a friend. But maybe there will be something of interest for you?


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